Hide the Recycle Bin

I’ve got RocketDock (previously reviewed), and it comes with a Recycle Bin icon.  So I didn’t need the on my desktop anymore, but it won’t let me get rid of it – so I figured out how to hide it.

1.  Right click on the desktop and choose properties
2.  Go to the ‘Desktop’ tab
3.  Click the button that says ‘Customize Desktop’
4.  Click on ‘Recycle Bin (full)
5.  Click on ‘Change Icon’
6.  Pick one that’s clear, or blank
7.  Click OK to close the Change Icon dialog box
8.  Repeat steps 4-7 on ‘Recycle Bin (empty)’
9.  Click OK to close the Customize Desktop dialog box
10.  Click OK to close the Display Properties dialog box
11.  Click and hold just above the words ‘Recycle Bin’ that remain on your desktop.  Drag down until the words are under the Start Menu bar.
12.  Enjoy your Recycle Bin free desktop!

For instructions with screenshots to help guide you along, check out my Instructable here.

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