Floorplanning Websites

So far I’ve used FloorPlanner and Project Dragonfly

Floorplanner is prone to freezing, so you have to save your project every five changes on a bad day, but everything can be changed, size-wise.  Sometimes walls decide to move a bit (i.e. you’ll log on and one or two of your walls are now slanted), but you just have to shove them back into place.  Also, when you duplicate a floor, there’s two of everything in it.  The free version gives you three houses with an infinite number of floors each (I have something like four houses set up, set up as floors in other houses).

Project Dragonfly looks much nicer and is easier to use, but:
Furniture automatically rotates so it’s against a wall, but that makes your life difficult when putting that furniture in a corner.
You can’t resize everything (that option may be coming later, Project Dragonfly is fairly new).  I wanted to put folding doors on my closet, but the only folding doors they had were the length of my entire wall.  There’s one resizable bed style, two shelving units… you get the point.  Very few sets of furniture can be resized to fit.  Also, the stuff that is resizable can’t be resized to anything:  I was trying to make by bed 3’ by 6’, but It wouldn’t go any smaller that 3’3” by 6’6”  
You can only make one floor.

I’m going to stick with Floorplanner; despite its occasional bugs it can do so much more. 

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