The Magic of Cardboard

I recently acquired a dual-screen setup (as you’ve seen by earlier posts), but with the new monitor all my electronic junk wouldn’t fit on my desk.  Solution:  Shelves that sit on the side of my desk!  But I really didn’t want to spend much money and there aren’t any Ikea stores around.  I discovered two cardboard boxes that work like a charm. 

On top goes two speakers, my external disk drive (my netbook doesn’t have a built-in disk drive), and whatever I was last eating.  The top shelf hold my saxophone (alto) and the bottom shelf holds my school stuff.  With the junk moved onto my cardboard shelving unit, my monitor has enough room to be situated properly.


I also have two cardboard bookshelves:  I have a ton of books, and my shelf was a good two feet deep.  I took a box, added slits for hinges with my trusty X-Acto knife, reinforced any extra folds and all the corners with more cardboard and a good deal of tape.  Then I did it two more times.  I put shelf thing #3 on top of shelf thing #2 and pushed the pile to the back of my real bookshelf, then put shelf thing #1 in front of those two.  Huzzah!  My one-row bookshelf has just been transformed into a three-row bookshelf, without adding any extra space to my cramped room.  If you want, I’ll make an Instructable on it.  Just let me know.

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