Blogs I Read

Here’s a list (with summaries) of blogs I read. I figure if you like my blog, you may like the blogs I like. Enjoy:

  • LifeHacker
    Just what the title implies: cool things to make your life more fun or productive or to impart upon you new knowledge (Home page here)
  • The Customer Is Not Always Right
    Incidents of stupid customers, written down and posted either by name or anonymously. Guaranteed to make you laugh. (Not Always Right is right here)
  • One Sentence
    Stories, in one sentence. It’s amazing how much a single sentence can impart. (One Sentence here)
  • XKCD: The Blag of the Webcomic
    Yes, it’s spelled blag. I don’t know why. XKCD (here), one of my favorite webcomics, has a blog to go along with it. (Find the blag here)
  • Penny Arcade
    ’Cause they’re just that awesome. And funny. Though I’ve noticed a decline in funniness. Perhaps I should make a graph… (Penny Arcade may or may not be here. I’m leaning towards ‘may.’ Really heavily leaning. Like pushing down the wall.)
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del
    I think it was originally a Penny Arcade spoof, but It’s cool. Their news section has, well, news, and the comic section does not relate to the news section. Which is not a bad thing. Think of it as a webcomic and a game review rolled into one. (Ctrl+Alt+Del most definitely here)
  • The Art of Manliness
    Tips on how to be a man in today’s culture. (Art of Manliness located here)
  • ICanHasCheezburger
    The home of the Lolcats! And Loldogs. And Lol Celebs. And Look-Alikes. And Lol News. And GraphJam. And Nostalgic Win. And Fail Blog. And Engrish Funny. (Find lol-ness here)
  • Blurgh – The ThinkGeek Blog
    ThinkGeek makes some of the most fun products known to mankind. Or at least geekkind. (Sheer geekiness here)
  • Cool Tools
    Just as the title says – cool tools. Posts to the blog are by people who have owned and used this tool for a long time, so you know that if it’s featured, it works. (Some not-quite-cold tools here)

So there you have it. Have fun!

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