Arora is a browser, along the lines of a less feature-saturated Firefox.  I use Firefox and run beta and alpha releases, and hardly ever get a bug, except for two that are relatively common:

– Browser shutdowns, which is fixed by reopening the browser and everything is as it was

– The browser refuses to load, which I fix by using Arora whilst I give Firefox some down time.

Arora looks pretty bland, but has a blazing fast startup time and pretty fast page load time.  Also, one of the built-in bookmarks is xkcd.  That’s awesome.

Also, Arora “runs on Linux, embedded Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Windows, and any platform supported by the Qt Toolkit” (from the Arora homepage)

You can get Arora for free (as in free speech and free beer (from the homepage)) here.

The default startup pageimage

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