MSI Trackpad scrolls!

I love my little netbook, the MSI Wind, except for three things: 

First, the built-in speakers sound horrible (which can’t be changed without quite a bit of work or potentially not at all)

Second, you can’t vertically or horizontally scroll by sliding your finger on the side of the trackpad, or by using two fingers like on an Apple.

Third, you can’t middle click.

Well.  I recently discovered that you can scroll using the trackpad, just not in the normal fashion.  Tapping just below the upper-right corner scrolls up, and tapping just above the lower-right corner scrolls down.  I’d been lugging around a wireless mouse that’s pretty nice, and I still prefer it to trackpads for accuracy, but at least my trackpad scrolls for times when I’m, say, reading an ebook (like now) and I don’t really need to be accurate, I just need to click and scroll.  w00tingness commences!

If anyone knows how to middle-click on the MSI Wind’s trackpad, please let me know in a comment or at  Thanks.


Whoa.  I type up blog posts on Windows Live Writer (which is, may I add, an awesome program) and it has a built-in red-squiggly-line-under-misspelled-words function.  However, it seems to think that ‘w00tingness’ is an actual word.  Odd.  Maybe typing it with zeros instead of O’s threw it off.

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