My awesome little netbook is the MSI Wind U100.  It comes with 1GB of RAM installed, and supports up to 2GB of RAM and has a little slot for the right size chip (in this case, I needed a 1GB DDR2-5300 SODIMM)  I just removed the battery, unscrewed the back, popped it off, popped in the RAM, screwed the back on, replaced the battery, and turned it on.  I didn’t have to worry about shock too much:  I live in a place with 80%-90% humidity every day.  I grounded myself off a light switch screw, then got to work.

There is a notable decrease in

  1. Boot time from a shutdown
  2. Boot time from hibernation
  3. Program load time
  4. Lag when I have a lot of tags open

Sweetness!  A really good deal, and really easy too.

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