My Portable Apps

This is a post I wrote a couple of weeks ago, saved it as a draft on Windows Live Writer until I could get links, and promptly forgot about it:

I’ve got a couple portable apps (only one from the actual PortableApps website) that I like.  Here they are:

Highly Recommended

  • Defraggler
    The best disk defragmenter I’ve ever used.  My favorite function is the Defrag Selected Files feature, so I can defrag just, say, a few files I was moving around.  Also much faster than the Windows built-in defragmenter.
  • Revo Uninstaller
    I’ve raved about Revo before, see this post to see its awesomeness.
  • Everything
    A crazy powerful, crazy fast search engine for files on your computer.  See this post.

Other good ones

  • Portable Google Chrome
    I use this when I want my bookmarks on someone else’s computer, or when Firefox is having beta-derived issues.
  • Weird Metronome
    A really fun and easy-to-use beat maker.  See their website for yourself.
  • Portable Movie Maker
    Replaces all the stuff that Windows Live Movie Maker got rid of.  I don’t make too many movies, it doesn’t get a lot of use, still good to have for when I need it.  Also, my netbook’s built in Movie Maker is FUBAR’d.

Ones I don’t use too much, but are good to have.

  • ClamWin Portable
    Portable virus checking for files; I don’t use this much because I don’t download much on computers besides my own.  Still, good to have.
  • Tor Browser
    On days when I’m feeling paranoid, I use Tor Browser (It’s really just Firefox with built-in Tor).  Sadly, it’s slower than Chrome so I don’t use too often.  Anonymity’s good, though, when I want it.
  • EditPadLite
    A totally customizable version of Notepad; on my computer I use Notepad++ instead.  On other computers, I usually use it as a to-do list sort of thing.
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