A “Personal Start Menu,” you can customize what shows up in it and assign your programs into groups and folders for easy access. Ideal for managing any portable apps you may have.  All in all, pretty cool.

Works just as advertised. Has a ‘scan for executables’ option: point it to a folder and it shows you all your .exe files, which can then be moved into groups or folders to you like.  Can also, I think, show files.

Bland look.  To keep groups from nesting you have to add separators.  Sometimes required wiggling to move items from one group to another.

Rating:  8  8/10

Grab this program here.  Enjoy!

About the ratings: 
I copied Wired Magazine’s rating system because I like and I think it works well.  Here’s the key:
1 = A complete failure in every way
2 = Barely functional – don’t get it
3 = Serious flaws, proceed with caution
4 = Downsides outweigh upsides
5 = Recommended with reservations
6 = A solid product with some issues
7 = Very good, but not great
8 = Excellent, with room to kvetch
9 = Nearly flawless – get it now
10 = Metaphysical product perfection

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