Excellent Firefox Add-ons

A while ago (Sep 5, ‘09), I wrote this post about recommended Firefox addons.  It is by now out of date.

There’ll be some addons that stayed, some that left, and some new ones.  Clicking the title of a bullet point will take you to that add-on’s page in the Firefox Add-ons directory

Also, screenshots for most add-ons can be found on their respective pages.  If you have question or comments of any kind, please leave a comment.  I’ll respond as soon as I see it.

So, without further ado:

  • autoHideStatusbar
    Hides the status bar, which reappers when you hover your mouse over a user-set distance from the bottom (defaulted, I believe, to five or ten pixels).
  • Better Gmail 2
    A compilation of Greasemonkey scripts to enhance Gmail.  This, along with the Helvetimail script, is my current Gmail setup.
  • Better GReader
    A compilation of Greasemonkey scripts to enhance Google Reader.  I use this with the HelvetiReader script, included in the add-on.
  • ChatZilla
    A very nice IRC client that comes as an addon, but opens in its own window.  You’ll most often find me in #xkcd on irc.foonetic.net. (about the channel here, about the server here)
  • Download Statusbar
    "View and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar," according to the add-on – which is exactly what it does.  In my opinion, is much better than the default download window and should come bundled with Firefox.
  • FaviconizeTab
    Shrinks a tab (right click on tab –> Faciconize Tab) to just its favicon.  When paired with PermaTabs Mod as described here, you can create permanent, favicon-only Mail/Reader tabs.
  • Flashblock
    When any Flash element is detected, it is blocked until (if) you click on said element.  Then said element works as if it was never blocked.  Works very nice for blocking annoying ads and animations.  Has the added benefit (IMO) of stopping YouTube videos from autoplaying.
  • Greasemonkey
    You need this add-on to use Greasemonkey scripts.  Highly, highly recommended.
  • gui:config
    Gives you a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for some great about:config items.
  • Hide Caption
    Hides the title bar of Firefox and moves the Minimize, Restore/Maximize, and Close buttons to the address bar line.
  • Hide Menubar
    Hides the menu bar of Firefox, which can be temporarily reshown by pressing ALT.
  • Hyperwords
    Makes all the text on a page interactable.  Numbers can be converted from one form to another (e.g. Celsius to Fahrenheit or milimeters to inches) right on the web page.  Words can be referenced or entered into a search engine.  Words can be translated – right on the page.  No redirects.  See the home page for more info.  Highly, highly, highly, recommended.
  • InvisibleHand
    When a shopping page (Amazon, NewEgg, Borders, etc) is visited and a different page has the same item for a cheaper price, InvisibleHand lets you know with an unobtrusive bar at the top of screen.
  • LeechBlock
    Within a user-set period of time, actively blocks a user-defined set of sites.  As a high school student faced with homework or the entire internet, very useful indeed.
  • Morning Coffee
    When clicked, the taskbar button opens up a user-defined set of sites.  I use this every day to check on blogs that either don’t have an RSS feed or from which I don’t want every post showing up in Reader.
  • Omnibar
    Integrates the address bar and the search box into one.  A very slick affect.
  • PermaTabs Mod
    Lets you keep permanent tabs that only load when clicked on – so Firefox doesn’t take any longer to load up than normal.  When paired with FaviconizeTab, permanent Mail/Reader tabs can be created.
  • Speed Dial
    Gives you a Chrome- or Opera-like home page (more like Opera) that gives you nine slots that can be set to any URL you desire.
  • StumbleUpon
    Helps you discover new websites with a toolbar that has a “Stumble!” button.  The sites you are sent to are based of your interests, which you identify during sign-up.
  • Stylish
    Enables Styles, in a process similar to Greasemonkey.  The difference is that Greasemonkey uses JavaScript and Stylish uses CSS scripting.
  • Tab Mix Plus
    Gives you various option to control exactly how you want your tabs to behave and look.

So:  have fun!

  1. Really nice list, although I would recommend AdBlock Plus instead of Flashblock (because it flash ads as well as text ads.)

    • Maybe there was a add-on conflict, but AdBlock Plus didn’t really work for me. It didn’t block what it should have.

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