Ubuntu Netbook Remix

So, I recently installed Ubuntu Netbook Remix on my MSI Wind (dual-booting FTW!) and am really enjoying it… simple downloading, nice main menu layout, better battery life handling (2 hrs at max battery on Windows, 3.5 hrs at max battery on UNR).  Once I iron out some kinks with Firefox and Wine, I might make it my main OS.  Any tips or ideas from someone out there who’s experienced in Linux/Ubuntu/UNR?

  1. Oh that’s really cool.

    I did the same with my Acer Aspire One, it saved about 30 minutes of batter life.

    Does you wireless card work?

    • Hey, thanks!

      And yeah, my wireless card works perfectly. No problems connecting to any network at all.

  2. Yeah, mine did not work at first, but after a few updates (and support from Ubuntu IRC) it worked fine. But every now and then it turns off randomly.

    So what version of UNR did you install? (10.4, 9.10, 9.4?)

    I installed 9.4 a while back, still haven’t updated (takes too long)

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