So, here’s a whole bunch of cool links for your enjoyment.  Check ’em out!

By the way, middle-clicking (or, often, Ctrl+clicking) opens the link in a new background tab, so you can keep reading the post until  you’re done, at which point you can just close this tab and move on.

  • Star Wars Weather Forecast
    Compares the weather of a user-defined location to various Star Wars planets.  Right now the description for mine is “Wow.  18 C, Light Rain?  It’s like Kamino out there.  Wet.  There’s also a significant chance of unconvincing CGI aliens.”
  • Earthship Homes
    Earthship homes are houses built entirely eco-friendly:  insulation from old tires, glass from recycled bottles, and so on.  It’s pretty sweet.  Check out the link for the full post.
  • Space
    Simply an amazing picture of a section of space.  Once there, click it to zoom in.
  • The Star Wars Opening Crawl Finally Reaches Earth
    Some genius decided to show what would happen if the text from the opening of Star Wars made its way to Earth.  Definately worth checking out.  Very funny.
  • Pokescience
    Proof that Pokemon are “freaking hax,” taking into account things like the fact that Blaziken can apparently jump 60 times its own height, and that Magcargo’s body is somewhere around 1.8 times as hot as the surface of the sun.
  • Electric Umbrella
    An instructable detailing how to build an umbrella with embedded LED lights for maximum awesomeness.
  • The Something Store
    Buy a $10… something.  It’s a mystery.  You can get anything with a value of or greater than $10.  Just go for it!  If you don’t like it, well, it was only $10 and there’s a good chance it’d be something cool.
  • Where To Start With Young Adult Science Fiction
    A list by io9 of young adult Science Fiction books, most of which I think are great to read if you haven’t yet.  At least give it a look.
  • Gizmodo Reading Room:  Fiction
    Another list of great fiction books, but this one isn’t limited to Sci-Fi.
  • Orisinal Winterbells
    A fun little game in which you are a rabbit, jumping as high as you can off of floating bells.  Control with your mouse.  Not much of a point, but fun and (perhaps?) calming nonetheless.
  • Return My Pants!!
    A site to keep track of who’s borrowing stuff from you, and whose stuff you’re borrowing.  
  • ColorJack
    A color picker, with a nice look/feel and great for grabbing the hex or RGB value of a given color.  Worth a look for any web designer or dabbler in HTML.
  • Facepalm
    A great facepalm image.  Insert it into threads where a facepalm is required.
  • Pirate vs. Pay
    Describes why people pirate, through a few images and some arrows.  Humorous, but very very true.
  • Math Heart
    An equation that, when graphed, makes a very nice heart.  You may have to scroll down a bit to see the graph
  • Math Leaf
    Along the line of the above, this equation makes a leaf.  Maple, I think.
  • Binary — It’s Digitalicious!
    A great non-laggy Binary/Hex/Octal/English translator.

Et voila!

  1. reading science fiction books is the stuff that i am always into. science fiction really widens my imagination .`:

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