Facebook Chat Emoticons

You probably know most of these, but there’s probably also a couple you don’t know.  Try ’em out!

Standard Smileys
Happy :)
Really happy
Sad :(
Crying :'(
Wink ;)
Anime face ^_^
Laughing eyes >:o
Cat smile :3
Mad >:(
Surprised :o
Tongue out :p
Glasses 8)
Shades 8|
Skeptical o.O
Dopey smile -_-
Bored :/ or :\
Devil 3:)
Angel O:)
Kiss :*

Not smiley faces
Penguin <(")
Putnam :putnam:
Shark (^^^)
Heart <3
Pacman :v
42 in a box :42:

  1. April 26th, 2010
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