Okay, what?

Seven days ago I had 20 hits.  Six days ago I had 25.  Then 43, then 69, then 44.  This is pretty much ops-normal so far.  Two days ago I got 417 hits.  That’s a little large, but still pretty normal for a day on which I added a new post (this one).  Yesterday it kept rising to 614.  Now is the weirdness.  Every other single time, a posting day spikes and then drops.  Today it just kept going — to 2,099.  There is not an added number there.  Okay, what?

Note that I am by no means complaining, just curious.  Where are all you extra people coming from.  I must emphasize here that this is not a complaint and please don’t stop!

UPDATE: The referral thing says a whole ton of people StumbleUpon’d me.  Which still begs the question of why are they suddenly reaching me, as opposed to before?

    • Sarah
    • March 25th, 2010

    I stumbled upon this, so I would assume that had something to do with your increase in hits. Just a thought.

    • Well, thanks very much for your non-specific patronage!
      Still, though, why did so many people stumbleupon my blog /today/, when there wasn’t a new post?

      Well, now there is, but there wasn’t when I posted it.

  1. I came here courtesy of ‘Readomattic’. And if you find the answer to why you got a huge spike, let me know :P

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