More Great Authors

Here’s another list of really good books. All of them are, as before, highly recommended.

Also, see up at the top where it says Home and About? There should also be one that says Books. Clicking on it will result in a list of books. Thus far it contains the contents of this post and this older one.

Without further ado, here are the authors, in no particular order:

  • Stephen Hunt, who wrote The Court of the Air, a fantastical steampunk-y adventure to save the world.
  • Orson Scott Card, who is, of course, the author of Ender’s Game and all of its prequels, sequels, and parallels.
  • Neal Stephenson, who wrote Cryptonomicon, a book about adventure and cryptography, Zodiac, an excellent eco-thriller, The Diamond Age, about a nanotech-filled future, and my personal favorite Snow Crash about a katana-weilding hacker named Hiro who is also a pizza deliveryman for the Mafia.
  • Daniel Suarez, the author of Daemon and its sequel FreedomTM, about a computer program that takes over the world in an effort to restore actual democracy. I read both of them in a day; they’re very, very good.
  • Charles Stross, who has written many books. My favorites are Accelerando (about the singularity), Glasshouse (a “loose sequal” to Accelerando; about a group of people trapped in a virtual world), Saturn’s Children (about a group of humanoform robots at the heart of a conspiracy), and The Atrocity Archives (about using math to connect to other universes and bring through entities.
  • Katherine Neville, who wrote The Eight, about a chess set that may hold the secret to the Elixir of Life.

Sorry this post is kinda short, but there’s twelve books there. That should last you for a while. Don’t forget to check out the Books page from time to time to find a new book to read!

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