The Big Skinny

The Big Skinny is a wallet specially designed to be really, really thin. It is.

In my quest for a ridiculously thin wallet wallet, I tried duct tape, paper, heat-fused plastic bags, credit cards, and will soon even try one made out of old Big Skinnycomputer keyboard insides. But the thinnest I’ve used thus far is the Big Skinny. My old wallet, one that my grandfather made out of leather, was about 3/4 of an inch think.  The plastic-bag wallet was 1/2 inch think.  The duct tape one was about a centimeter and a half thick.  The credit card one fell apart (my fault, not the design’s). The paper wallet was about a centimeter thick but had to get remade too often..  The Big Skinny is just 5 mm and is very durable.  Each wallet contained approx. the same material:  always 4 cards, 4 pieces of paper, and variable numbers of bills.

The model I have is the Sport, except mine is black.  It comes in black, blue, red, and tan.  I love it.

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