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The Great Browser War

I’ve tried out many different web browsers in an attempt to find one that’s perfect.  *note:  I’m running Windows XP on the MSI Wind Netbook with the BricoPack Vista Inspirat installed (my computer looks like Vista, but isn’t)* Here are my results:

Internet Explorer
– Standard
– Trusted Company
– Slow

– Boring
– Kinda ugly

Opera 4 Beta for Windows
– Looks nice
– Tabs are at the top
– Really fast
– Nice download manager
– Won’t let me set as my default browser.  I’ve tried everything, trust me.
– The minimize, maximize, and close buttons sometimes get smushed together.
– The only Opera I found for Windows, but it’s a beta so it’s kinda buggy.

Mozilla Firefox
Sets as default
– Skins!
– Totally open-source (I think)
– Nice downloads manager
– Great interface (for getting add-ons, finding help, general browsing, etc.)
– The top’s a little chubby
– The bar with File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools, and Help won’t go away.
– No ‘InPrivate’ or ‘Private Browsing’ or such.

Google Chrome
– REALLY nice
– Fast
– Looks pretty good
– Made by google.  Some people think they’re evil, but all I know is they have the (in my opinion) best search engine, best email, and generally good programs
– Won’t work on my netbook. :’(

So there you have it.  I like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox the best, but only Firefox works on my computer, so.