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Firefox: Uber-maximized Reading Area

I installed some Stylish scripts and some addons and got a Firefox window that is nearly totally reading area, but still has total functionality. I love it. You’ll have to use both addons and Stylish scripts to get this to work like I have it. Here’s the screenshot, to entice you to read further. *NOTE: Screenshots are being taken on my awesome 20” widescreen monitor, so there’ll be a lot of blank space on the sides. Be forewarned.

Enticing Screenshot

Addons I’m using to get this:

  • Hide Caption
    Hides the useless title at the top of a window (Mozilla Firefox, in this case). The close, maximize, and minimize buttons are moved to the navbar, screenshots at the bottom (as usual).
  • Hide Menubar
    Reviewed in my previous post, “My Recommended Firefox Add-ons” Screenshots on that post.
  • Speed Dial
    Shows 8 user-selected clickable thumbnails on a new tab. (Plus a weather thumbnail that… um… shows your current weather. Can be turned into a regular page.) Allowed me to remove 8 icons from my bookmarks bar, so now the whole bookmarks bar fits on my MSI Wind. Screenshots below, still as usual.
  • Stylish
    Reviewed in my previous post, “My Recommended Firefox Add-ons” Screenshots… yeah. I’ll stop telling you this. You probably got it by now.
  • autoHideStatusbar
    Reviewed in my previous post “My Recommended Firefox Add-ons

Stylish scripts I’m using to get this.

Yay! Screenshot time!

Caption Hid!
Caption Hid

Note that the close and such buttons are moved to the navbar:
close on the right

Speed Dial
Speed Dial

Bookmarks Toolbar hid…
Bookmarks Bar hidden

… until mouseover!
bookmarks bar shown

Tabs at the top, woohoo!
Tabs be at the top

Neither back nor forward buttons visible…
New tab, so no back or forward

… here’s just the back button
Just Back Button

Note the lack of home button (the button there is refresh)
No home button

Here’s just the reload button
Page not loading, so just refresh

Now the page is loading, so there’s a stop button too
Loading, so there's a stop button

So there you have it! As always, I apologize for random vertical stretching on some of the pictures.


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If you find a typo or a grammar fail, please let me know. Thanks!


My recommended Firefox Add-ons

Here’s all the Firefox Add-ons that I’m using and like.  Some of them are in the official recommended list, some aren’t.  This isn’t necessarily all the ones I like, I may find more that I like later.  Anyways, here goes:

  • about:me
    Collates your Firefox History into a cool-looking page with graphs (type about:me into the address box).  As I write this, it shows the following things:  Most visited Sites, Hourly Browsing Activity, Download Media Types, Daily Download Trends.  Screenshots below.
  • Add-On Collector
    Makes it easier to add Add-Ons to a collection, either for sharing or backup or whatever.
  • autoHideStatusbar
    Pretty self explanatory:  hides the status bar at the bottom unless you hover your mouse a customizable distance from the bottom, defaulted to 5 pixels.  Perfect for me, I work on a netbook. Every little bit of extra space is good.
  • Better Gmail 2
    Some stuff to make Gmail look and work better.  On a side note, my favorite Gmail theme is Shiny.
  • Better GReader
    I use this one a LOT.  Some of my favorite features:  minimalist view (maximized space for viewing articles, again good for my netbook) and clicking on the title of a feed pulls up the page in that tap.  Screenshots below.
  • Cooliris
    A really cool  looking (I actually liked the older version better, though) ‘Wall’ for viewing photos or videos, off of any page with pictures (hover over a picture then click the Cooliris icon that comes up) or from your computer (open the Cooliris page, then choose My Computer) or, once the Cooliris page is open, you can search sites like YouTube, Hulu, DeviantART, Google Images, etc.  Screenshots below.
  • Download Statusbar
    Shows downloads in a bar on top of the statusbar, instead of in the normal pop-up window.  I love it, I do a lot of downloading programs and things.  Screenshots below.
  • FaviconizeTab
    Shrinks an open tab to just its Favicon.  I use it for Google Reader, with the Unread Count in Favicon from Better GReader and for Gmail with the Unread Count in Favicon from Better Gmail 2, so that I can see if I have new mail but still have lots of room for other tabs.  Screenshots below.
  • Fission
    Shows how much a page is loaded in the address bar, like in Safari.  Eye candy.  Screenshots below.
  • Hide Menubar
    Um… Hides the menubar.  Bring it back up temporarily by pressing Alt.  Good for my netbook.  Screenshots below.
  • InvisibleHand
    One of my favorites, InvisibleHand checks the item you’re looking at on Amazon, Newegg, TigerDirect, Target, etc. and tells you if there’s a better deal on any other site.  I have saved quite a bit with it.
  • Personas for Firefox
    I don’t use this one too much, I have the heaven.cube theme installed, but it’s still awesome.  Dresses up your browser with one click.  Nothing but eye candy. 
  • StumbleUpon Toolbar
    I usually have this hidden, with custom shortcuts for Stumbling, Liking, and Disliking (Ctrl+F1, Ctrl+Shift+F1, and Ctrl+Shift+1, respectively).  StumbleUpon is awesome.
  • Stylish
    Lets you install a whole bunch of user scripts, instantly (click Install then click OK) that change how a site looks.  I have a grey-and-black-and-red colored Facebook at the moment, for example

And there you go.  You can download everything here at an Add-on Collection I made, if you want.


about:me page
about me page

GReader page from title

Cooliris Wall – searching DeviantART
cooliris deviantart page

Download Statusbar
download statusbar

Faviconized Tabs
favoconized tab

Fission loading bar – about halfway loaded
fission bar

Look, Ma!  No Menubar!
no menu bar

Please excuse the weird vertical stretching on the last picture.  I don’t know why it does that.

Revo Uninstaller

I may have already written a post on Revo; I can’t remember.  I just had to stress the awesomeness that is Revo.

What Revo does is, when you pick a program, runs it’s built in uninstaller then searches your hard drive for any leftover files.  Today, when I was uninstalling Arora, Revo found 1,951 files left over in my Application Data folder.  1,951.  That’s just… incredible.

It also has an excellent Hunter Mode and some other great tools; check it out.  I seriously recommend it to anyone.

Download for free (Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, and Vista only, and only 32-bit versions) here.

iTunes loves me

I was working a summer assignment for Honors English, and iTunes played five of my very most favorite songs.  Good stuff.


Arora is a browser, along the lines of a less feature-saturated Firefox.  I use Firefox and run beta and alpha releases, and hardly ever get a bug, except for two that are relatively common:

– Browser shutdowns, which is fixed by reopening the browser and everything is as it was

– The browser refuses to load, which I fix by using Arora whilst I give Firefox some down time.

Arora looks pretty bland, but has a blazing fast startup time and pretty fast page load time.  Also, one of the built-in bookmarks is xkcd.  That’s awesome.

Also, Arora “runs on Linux, embedded Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Windows, and any platform supported by the Qt Toolkit” (from the Arora homepage)

You can get Arora for free (as in free speech and free beer (from the homepage)) here.

The default startup pageimage


ViGlance changes the Windows Taskbar to look like the Windows 7 ‘superbar’.  It groups things together into nice little icons:  all the Firefox things in one icon, all the Windows Live Messenger things in another.  Clicking or mousing over an icon yields a smallish popup that shows what’s inside the icon – for me, mousing over the Firefox logo gives me ‘Downloads’ and ‘Gmail’.  You can then click on any of the listed items to switch it to your active window.  Screenshots:

My taskbar, with ViGlance:
With VG 
Excuse the vertical stretching.  I don’t know why it’s showing up that way, and I don’t know how to fix it.  ViGlance does not do this to your taskbar.


ViGlance can be downloaded here.  Windows only.

NOTE:  The version shown in this post is not the most recent version.  The most recent version includes thumbnails of windows upon mouseover, as far as I can tell from their website.


First of all, sorry I haven’t posted in so long. I’ll try to be more regular.

LClock replaces your standard tray clock with a nicer looking version, with a calendar that pops up if you click on the time.  Mousing over gives a small popup that tells you the day of the week, the date, and the year.  Here’s some screenshots:

The clock
On the tray

The small popup
Small Popup

The calendar

LClock can downloaded for free here.  Windows only.