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So, here’s a whole bunch of cool links for your enjoyment.  Check ’em out!

By the way, middle-clicking (or, often, Ctrl+clicking) opens the link in a new background tab, so you can keep reading the post until  you’re done, at which point you can just close this tab and move on.

  • Star Wars Weather Forecast
    Compares the weather of a user-defined location to various Star Wars planets.  Right now the description for mine is “Wow.  18 C, Light Rain?  It’s like Kamino out there.  Wet.  There’s also a significant chance of unconvincing CGI aliens.”
  • Earthship Homes
    Earthship homes are houses built entirely eco-friendly:  insulation from old tires, glass from recycled bottles, and so on.  It’s pretty sweet.  Check out the link for the full post.
  • Space
    Simply an amazing picture of a section of space.  Once there, click it to zoom in.
  • The Star Wars Opening Crawl Finally Reaches Earth
    Some genius decided to show what would happen if the text from the opening of Star Wars made its way to Earth.  Definately worth checking out.  Very funny.
  • Pokescience
    Proof that Pokemon are “freaking hax,” taking into account things like the fact that Blaziken can apparently jump 60 times its own height, and that Magcargo’s body is somewhere around 1.8 times as hot as the surface of the sun.
  • Electric Umbrella
    An instructable detailing how to build an umbrella with embedded LED lights for maximum awesomeness.
  • The Something Store
    Buy a $10… something.  It’s a mystery.  You can get anything with a value of or greater than $10.  Just go for it!  If you don’t like it, well, it was only $10 and there’s a good chance it’d be something cool.
  • Where To Start With Young Adult Science Fiction
    A list by io9 of young adult Science Fiction books, most of which I think are great to read if you haven’t yet.  At least give it a look.
  • Gizmodo Reading Room:  Fiction
    Another list of great fiction books, but this one isn’t limited to Sci-Fi.
  • Orisinal Winterbells
    A fun little game in which you are a rabbit, jumping as high as you can off of floating bells.  Control with your mouse.  Not much of a point, but fun and (perhaps?) calming nonetheless.
  • Return My Pants!!
    A site to keep track of who’s borrowing stuff from you, and whose stuff you’re borrowing.  
  • ColorJack
    A color picker, with a nice look/feel and great for grabbing the hex or RGB value of a given color.  Worth a look for any web designer or dabbler in HTML.
  • Facepalm
    A great facepalm image.  Insert it into threads where a facepalm is required.
  • Pirate vs. Pay
    Describes why people pirate, through a few images and some arrows.  Humorous, but very very true.
  • Math Heart
    An equation that, when graphed, makes a very nice heart.  You may have to scroll down a bit to see the graph
  • Math Leaf
    Along the line of the above, this equation makes a leaf.  Maple, I think.
  • Binary — It’s Digitalicious!
    A great non-laggy Binary/Hex/Octal/English translator.

Et voila!


Here’s a bunch of cool links I’ve been saving up:

The Case Of The 500-Mile Email
The statistics department at a certain college seems to be unable to send email more than “500 miles, or a bit more” away.  There actually is a valid reason.

This open-source machine can, when given a diagram and a load of raw plastic, ‘print’ three-dimensional objects, from eyeglass frames and wall brackets to action figures and 3D renderings of Walt Disney’s head.

Better Late Than Never
A Japanese man completes a marathon after 54 years, 8 months, 6 days, 8 hours, 32 minutes, and 20.3 seconds.

Road Lights
These towers use the wind of passing cars on a highway to generate electricity to power streetlights.  I bet that electricity could be used for other uses, too.

These wireless earbuds, when clipped into their case, can fit into any AA battery charger to recharge.

This wireless hotspot finder is shaped like a dowsing rod and points toward the strongest spot.  It can also act as a repeater, to strengthen the signal.

Cube Jigger
This jigger is shaped like a cube and can measure liquids in six common measures.  Each side has gradients, also, so using the ‘Cup’ side you can measure out 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, and so on.

SWITCH Screwdriver
The handle on this screwdriver can swivel to form a ‘T’ shape, offering better grip for stubborn screws.

Proof That Girls Are Evil
While in fact most of them aren’t, it’s a good (and funny!)mathematical proof.

How To Get Your Camera Back
One man made a series of pictures on his camera to convince someone to give it back to him (and how to get in contact) in the event of loss.  He also compiled them together in .gif format just for the web.

Star Wars Status Updates
Hilarious.  Facebook status updates by Star Wars characters.   Nothing more needs be said.

Metal Pen
This pen has no ink.  It works because the nib is a special alloy that slowly comes off onto the paper; when used on printer-paper-style paper, it looks similar to a pencil’s mark but does not smudge and cannot easily be rubbed of the paper.  For a full-length alternative, see the Beta Pen.


I’ve got a whole ton of cool links that’ve been building up for quite a while.  Here you go:

Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale
At this year’s World Science Festival, Bobby McFerrin does an interesting demonstration of how audiences can always hit the pentatonic scale right on. [Vimeo]

5 New Technologies That Will Change Everything
USB 3.0, Video streaming over Wi-Fi, 3D TV, Augmented Reality in mobile devices, and HTML5.  All very very cool. [PCWorld]

A very cool site:  plug in the type of airplane you’ll be flying on and it shows you the seating chart for that plane, with the benefits (or lack thereof) to each seat.  E.g. “This seat may have extra traffic in the aisle due to its proximity to the lavatory” “The large TV screen is not visible from this seat” [SeatGuru]

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
A webcomic about a doctor.  Who is also a ninja.  In a family of ninjas who came from Ireland (or perhaps Scotland).  ‘Nuff said. [Dr. McNinja]

Metal Chess Pieces
A very cool metal chess set, made out of screws and flanges and such.  Also, a diagram of the heart and lungs.  You can ignore that one. [Flickr]

Repair a Broken Ethernet Plug
Everybody hates broken connectors on an ethernet plug.  Now you can fix them.  Enjoy. [Instructables]

T-Shirt:  Ninjas Can’t Catch You
I would totally buy this t-shirt, except holidays are coming soon so I think I’ll just add it to my wish list. [TopatoCo]

Tron Legos
I will make this, once I get around to finding the parts. [Flickr]

Cardboard Kayak
I will build this, once I convince mom to drive me around to look for cardboard.  I sense a theme here. [Instructables]

Silent Conversation
A very cool game where you are the cursor and you have to touch words in a story – words moved into patterns so you have to jump and swerve.  Also there are words that can kill you if their ‘spirit’ hits you.  [Armor Games]

Anatomy of a Black Hole
Self-Explanatory.  Very easy to understand, very well presented. [ThinkTechnologies]

Screws and Nails
Detailed description of different kinds of screws and nails and their uses.  [Web-pros]

A Story About ‘Magic’
Cool, chuckle-inducing story. [Catb]

Fraction-Of-An-Inch Adding Machine
A very cool, very useful machine (made out of paper) to add fractions. [EvilMadScientist]

EZ-12 Parabolic Reflector
Stick this over the antenna on your router and view the speed boost.  I went from 48 to 54 Mbps, as defined by the popup thing in my System Tray. [FreeAntennas]

Ta-Da!  Also, hopefully the Favicon issue is resolved.  What happened was that the site it was hosted on had a crash and lost a whole bunch of images.  I reuploaded, reset, and it seems to work now.