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Settin’ Up a Server

My little brother recently got a new computer, and gave the old mostly-broken one to me.  I merrily wiped the hard drive and set about installing Ubuntu Server so I could use it for remote backups.

It was surprisingly easy!

I downloaded the 10.04 LTS .iso from the Ubuntu Server homepage to my laptop (I used the torrent version, but it shouldn’t matter either way) and burned it to a disk using the instructions on the download page.

I hooked up the old computer to the router so it’d have internet, turned it on, and got the disk in before it went to boot. Ubuntu Server installation spash screen It happily loaded up the Ubuntu Server installation splash screen, and the install went without a hitch.  Once that I was done, I rebooted and did a quick ifconfig to make sure internet was working and to check the IP address. Back on my laptop, I tried to ssh in from my laptop… and it worked just fine. The server has  a preconfigured OpenSSH server set up, so I didn’t have to mess with the settings on that.  I set up ssh keys so I didn’t have to password everything, and tested everything with a rsync backup.  It worked perfectly, and there was much rejoicing.


Whitelines graph paper

Some of you may have heard of Whitelines, a kind of graph paper with white lines on a light gray background.  It’s great; your nice axes (the plural of axis) don’t get Inverted graph paperobscured by heavy lines.  It’s also kinda expensive, $9.50 for 160 spiral-bound pages.  That’s about six cents per page.  Well, you can print your own, here (it’s called “inverted graph paper”), for about four cents per page (about three cents of ink per page, and about a cent of paper per page).  I like line thickness at 0.5 and color at #DEDEDE.

The Big Skinny

The Big Skinny is a wallet specially designed to be really, really thin. It is.

In my quest for a ridiculously thin wallet wallet, I tried duct tape, paper, heat-fused plastic bags, credit cards, and will soon even try one made out of old Big Skinnycomputer keyboard insides. But the thinnest I’ve used thus far is the Big Skinny. My old wallet, one that my grandfather made out of leather, was about 3/4 of an inch think.  The plastic-bag wallet was 1/2 inch think.  The duct tape one was about a centimeter and a half thick.  The credit card one fell apart (my fault, not the design’s). The paper wallet was about a centimeter thick but had to get remade too often..  The Big Skinny is just 5 mm and is very durable.  Each wallet contained approx. the same material:  always 4 cards, 4 pieces of paper, and variable numbers of bills.

The model I have is the Sport, except mine is black.  It comes in black, blue, red, and tan.  I love it.